Both of you are extremely independent individuals, and you both have personalities that need plenty of space to grow. If your relationship is based on respect for each other, it will bring out the better qualities in you both. You can be fascinated by the daring and progressive Aquarius, who is quite intellectual and is interested in social subjects. Some Aquarius dream of transforming society or at least their immediate family and work sphere. Aquarius is the sign of friendship to Aries, so you will most likely feel a flicker of interest, at least at a social level. However, the cool and aloof vibes from Aquarius even though fire warms air will temper your interest. Despite this, you can have plenty of fun times together, and you will be surprised at the types of people you meet through your association with Aquarius. At times people around you see you as self-absorbed.


The couple aquarius face problems in their marriage when she starts to think of her man as immature and child-like. Compatibility attracted also woman her sometimes aries his dominating nature but he will also be dating to please her man by apologizing to her. Compatibility intensity of their love helps them get over these differences and helps in making their relationship more beautiful. The couple will always talk out the problems and miscommunications to bring more trust to woman marital bond.

Aries makes Aquarius see the contemporary landscape, into which the water bearer pours their eccentric, wacky views. Aries sees Aquarius as.

Planetary Movements. Aries and Aquarius find each other very interesting and fascinating right from the first time they meet. They want to know each other more and share their ideas, beliefs as well as their love for travel and adventure. Together, Aries and Aquarius would never get bored in each other’s company as they explore the world and discover new territories. Aries and Aquarius will find working and ideating with each other very stimulating and exciting. Both of them are innovators and thinkers in different ways and can, thus, create something powerful if they work together as a team.

The relationship between Aries and Aquarius is very exciting, adventurous and interesting. They will enjoy each other’s company as both of them love fun and freedom. Although they share the same personality traits Aquarians need more space than Arians which may create a tiff between them.

Aquarius – Aries Love Compatibility

Andrea loves to write about the zodiac and research astrological compatibility. She’s been an online writer for over five years. Aries is a commander—strong-willed, and intelligent—with the secret power to inspire Aquarius’ creativity. Aquarius has the capacity to cool and understand Aries, making them soften and sweeten. This is a dynamic duo, giving both what they’ve secretly wanted, while also giving them a power-couple image.

Aries Woman & Aquarius Man: Love, Sex & Relationship Compatibility. Know the percentages of different aspects aquarius your physical and mental state.

The courage of Aries, when colligated with the conviction of Aquarius, creates a beautiful amalgamation. The fire and air signs can create something truly special and unique together, but that will only happen if they know how to bring out the best in each other and cancel out each other’s egoistic tendencies. Aries is one of the strongest, most powerful and courageous signs in Astrology. This is the first sign of the zodiac chart and thus, stands for growth, spontaneity and dynamism.

The Aries are natural leaders, work incessantly towards every goal that they set for themselves and strive to set a positive example for those around them. Aquarius zodiac sign is the second last sign of the zodiac and is known for its progressive thought process. Those born under this sun sign are sharp, focused and determined. The water-bearer is a real sucker for intellectual conversations and poignant discussions. They know how to achieve the highest of heights in their chosen field and once they set their mind to accomplish something, they are prone to get to it more often than not.

The Aries man and Aquarius woman love match will be exciting for both the individuals. The constantly swaying the Aquarians will draw the Aries to them like a moth, while the charming personality of the latter will enthrall the former.

The Most Compatible Astrological Signs, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When Aries and Aquarius come together in a love match, the combination of Aquarius vision and Aries action makes them a highly creative pair. Their relationship is anything but static; they can be competitive, but life with these two is never dull! Zodiac Signs that are two apart tend to have a special connection, and these are no exception. They are great friends as they communicate really well.

Love match compatibility between Aries and Aquarius zodiac signs. Read about the Aries love relationship with Aquarius zodiac sign. I am an Aquarius girl, and I’m dating an Aries guy and this made me feel a lot better about our relationship.

The relationship Aquarius has with Aries is based on mutual admiration. They love how Aries are passionate and energetic about everything. Their charm always amazes them, while Aries loves how unique their visions are with the world. Though Aquarians can be unpredictable, their Aries mate has this special way of reassuring them that everything is just okay. Aquarius can demand, act like a brat, and be insensitive, but Aries will continue to accept us in spite of everything.

Aries are patient, loving, and thoughtful, but they are also submissive and understanding to the fact that Aquarians value their freedom and time for themselves. They are both dynamic and carefree in nature. They can be the life of the party, the best friend everyone wants to have, the funny neighbor, and the adventurous lover. Lastly, this relationship takes a big leap with their level of maturity, both in an emotional and mental aspect.

Their sense of independence and taking fearless actions provides them the opportunity to express their individuality, which strengthens their bond with less insecurity.

Aquarius and Aries Love Compatibility

Email address:. These two will have a very strong physical connection. Both are sociable and prefer to have a large social group.

Aries men and Aquarius women can have a relationship that feels amazingly tuned in every way, or they can suffer in an utter disaster.

Optimism, mutual respect and appreciation, flows in the relationship of an Aries and an Aquarius. They make a very exciting and friendly combination, giving each other a lot of space and enjoying their personal freedom as well. Though Aries may find Aquarius to be insensitive at times and that can be problematic at times. Aries are very generous and have sparks of devotion and loyalty.

They have a prompt attraction that is envied by most people around. Aries are quick to concentrate all of their attention and enthusiasm on the next new exciting thing crossing their path. A typical Aries is highly impulsive. An intellectual Aries is very objective, but can be found engaging in radical or extreme groups in ways of religion and politics. They are substantial and help to their fullest ability. They love to give and give big, which ultimately brings them happiness.

They are quick to take on large tasks without thinking things through. They are blind to the ones who would take advantage of their good will and for that can be easily tricked or manipulated especially with money. Aquarius people are very friendly as in they make friends from all walks of life no matter where they are or where they are going. They never lie and they hold their heads high with any statement or decision made.

Aries and Aquarius

What will happen when you two get together? Surprisingly, they could even change the world if they understand and sympathize with each other. Is it possible to create a perfect combination of the Ram and the Water Beaver, not to bother about their opposite interaction? Sometimes, the scorching flame inside Aries can burn down everything blocking its way, but with the support from Aquarius, it tries to become more stable and enduring without causing any danger.

Zodiac sex positions Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio I’m a Libra and I WAS dating an Aries but we broke up.

When an Aquarius woman is dating an Aries man you can be sure the love match will be reckless, free spirited and exciting! The Aquarius woman loves how her Aries man can live in the moment and the Aries man enjoys all of his Aquarius woman’s idiosyncrasies because it assures him the dating will never become boring. Sexually they are electricity and dynamite combined! The Aquarius woman is turned on by her Aries man’s instinctive lovemaking and he is aroused by her willingness to experiment.

This is another winning love match! The Aries woman finds the Aquarius man’s revolutionary ways exciting and the Aquarius man appreciates the Aries woman’s independence since it complements his own need for individuality. Both signs value their freedom and sexually there will be plenty of experimentation! The first date between Aries and Aquarius will be in a colorful and unusual restaurant. Going Indian or Thai fits their adventurous curiosity. Aries signs are sometimes seen as impractical and naive, and Aquarius signs are often perceived as crazy and over the top.

This means that these two zodiac signs will connect just on the basis that they both feel misunderstood.

Aquarius and Aries Compatibility

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